1.6L Kettle







  1.6L Kettle

    Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,280
    Dimension:W200 x D160 x H195mm
 Weight:0.9kg (w/box) 

Our Kettle is lightweight, durable, good for all heat sources and ideal for boiling water. Its perfect for the modern kitchen.

The inner colour in dark blue is a mineral glaze which functioning good in heat-resistant and boils quickly with superior heat distribution. 

※ Drip pot has an easy-to-grip handle and a latched lid to prevent slipping.
※ When using the IH cooker, start with the level "Medium" or lower and gradually increase the temperature.

Item No:HTHSD512R0116 (Red)  Item No:HTHSD512W0116 (White) Item No:HTHSD512G0116 (Green)
Item No:HTHSD512B0216 
(Smoke Blue) 
Item No:HTHSD512G0216 
Item No:HTHSD512Y0116 
Item No:HTHSD512Y0216 
(Mustard Yellow) 


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